Casino Royale is definitely the best James Bond Film ever made and Daniel Craig is the best James Bond!
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really a nice movie to watch watched online @ fundomovies

Agree with you...
that Daniel Craig is the best bond....

the others in comparison to Craig look very gentlemanly
to play Bond...

On the other Craig is ruthless and he fits the bill perfectly.

have you watched all the bond movies??

You get my vote I think Daniel Craig is he best Bond to date as well.

I just love Daniel Craig in general and I think he did a great job as Bond~ <3

Nicely penned....:)

PLEASE Sir Connery did make the movies a living leggend , mr. Craig he is with no doubt the face born to be 007 but the best actor ever is and will remain Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig SUCKS..... He is not the suave smooth sexy BRITISH...HE'S NOT EVEN BRITISH!!! What's up with that!!! He is not even cute,sexy... Here are the JAMES BONDS IN ORDER<br />
1. Sean Connery Totally the best one!!! SEXY AS HELL<br />
2. George Lazenby made only one James Bond movie...<br />
3. Roger Moore o.k not the best He's the funniest of all of them!!!<br />
4 Timothy Dalton O.k. At least he's British!!!<br />
5. Pierce Brosnan Beautiful, sexy, sauve, dark, handsome the second best!!1<br />
and finally Daniel Craig YUCK.... SUCKY <br />
<br />
Out of all of them even George Lazenby even beats Daniel Craig.....<br />
<br />
All good actors love the 007 James bond's can't get enough!!!

He did do a good job, however, my favorite Bond was Roger Moore. Probably because he was Bond when I was growing up. Good analysis!

I also think Sean Connery is the best Bond. Casino Royal was a good movie. I liked it 'cause it was more realistic than the lately Bond movies.

I have to say Daniel Craig did an okay job. However.... the best Bond is still hands down Sean Connery.

Q: How many James Bonds does it take to change a light bulb.<br />
<br />
A: Sean Connery. Period.<br />
<br />
But, seriously, Daniel Craig did the best re-working of a character since Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes. Ready to see every flaw in the newcomer, I was very impressed. It made me want to re-read Fleming's novels to be refreshed on Bond's personality.<br />
<br />
And gone was the over-reliance on gadgetry and over-the-top master plots by improbable super-villains.<br />
<br />
Splendid. I look forward to the next one.<br />
<br />