50 First Dates

Obviously I love Drew Barrymore and 50 First Dates is one of my favorite movies of hers.  It's so cute; she's so cute in it.  I just love how she smiles with her whole face as CupFull commented on in one of her pics here. 

One part that is so funny is how her dad and brother have to watch The Sixth Sense EVERY Single Nite and pretend like the ending is a surprise... there couldn't be a worse movie to watch over and over again! 

It's so funny.

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For real.. that was a very savvy move on the producer's part... Got the buy in from the public and probably a pretty good financial deal with Drew.

HAHA - Scream... Seeing as she was killed off in the beginning of the movie.. well.. <br />
<br />
But she 'don't do no junk' IMHO.. LOL

gee, i haven't watched that movie yet... scream??... music and lyrics?? well, i watched it on an airplane... i remember being so excited to watch it since it seemd so interesting from the trailer and the posters and all........ i don't know why but i wasn't really satisfied with the movie... i guess i had way too high expectations for that one -oh well... anyways, the movie song "way back into love"?? many loved it!! anyway, i think the movie's just fine

can i hop in here?... there's another drew barrymore movie but i seem to forget the title... her leading man is a baseball fan... can someone help me??<br />
<br />
fever pitch?? the perfect catch??<br />
<br />
i can't quite remember...<br />
<br />
oh well, drew and adam sandler sure do make one romantic comedy couple don't they? i love them both ^^

Yeah - pretty Awesome. Wish I still had her youth and vigor...

She is an awesome actress I also like her lots :)

Oh I have to read her bio Pale.. didn't know she had written her story.. I bet it is good.<br />
<br />
Loved ET.. need to see it again too Sugarqueen.

Yeah - a big fan.. but I'm also told I have her manuerisms, smile and my chin is kind of pointy like hers.. plus I'm TOTALLY FLAKEY and FREE SPIRITED like her. She would definately play me in a movie..

Oh yes - another great one... <br />
Romantic Comedies are definately her Forte.. <br />
Wasn't much of a 'Charlies Angels' Fan.

they both are halarious classics....

For real PALE~ He's the perfect complliment to Drew - they have great onscreen chemistry<br />
<br />
~ Wedding Singer ~ another favorite.