i don't buy many movies for myself, mostly for the grandkids. i did buy, without hesitation, Elizabeth:The Golden Age. cate blanchette is just, just.... I'm at a loss for words, maybe STIMULATING to say the least. what talent. my favorite quote comes from the first Elizabeth movie. what a wonderful experience.

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I love history and Elizabeth the first is one of my favorite history figures, what a strong woman especially in the age she lived in, she also surrounded herself with good advisors
I loved the scenes when they fought the Spanish Armada and her speech on Banbury Hill I think it was called?
Cat Blanchette is like a younger Helen Mirren , both fantastic actresses.
Cat can be such a Chameleon

Nice. It does take courage, doesn't it? I believe I am the bravest woman on earth! Superlilannie! That's me!

Ok, I'll bite. What is the quote? I love a good quote.