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Love going to movies and watching dvds.Used to go alot by myself when the mall i worked at was enclosed. loved to go if I had a Friday off and see a new movie. Love documentaries and comedies mostly. Have always been a classic movie buff also. Really a good way to escape for awhile. Just saw'Hunger Games'and the new 3 stooges movies . Loved them both.Some of the classic faves are,"Patch of blue," "Gone with the wind' 'the full monty' "10 commandments' "ben Hur' "A league of their own' and countless others.GOTTA LOVE' EM!
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I saw several of those, myself; but also didn't see several you saw. (try saying THAT fast 6 times in a row without messing up!) haha

another hobby. If good ,I won't fall asleep! hahahahaha

Sounds good! I don't normally fall asleep in a movie, but I suppose there's a first time for everything! LOL

a little ambarassed....hehehehe

I too love cinema however rarely go to the theater to see a movie unless it's a blockbuster that will look and sound great on the big screen. I prefer to wait until they are released on DVD if they are to my liking and have actors, directors or producers I am familiar with and then I rent & or purchase them. My film library has close to 1400 films that cover multiple genras including Action, Adventure, Animation, Biographies, Classics, Comedies, Concerts, Cult, Documentaries, Drama, Fetish, Foreign, Horror, Musicals, Noirs, Sci-Fi and Silent Movies. I have a keen knowledge of directors, producers and actors and enjoy everything from silly to serious movies as long as they are done well. <br />
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They truly are a great escape, a fantastic pick me up at times, a way to learn about life & love lessons and awesome mood enhancers. Sometimes they are merely mindless fluff but sometimes we need that!

well thought out comment.Sometimes you have to go to the video store for these types of movies not always out in theaters nearby. Keep enjoyin' em!

Whew! Thatsa lotta movies! :-p lol