Get Ready To Cry

I watched all these movies on board the plane recently. The first one, WARHORSE. An Oscar nominated epic. I watched it twice.

I'm a horse lover so I give it five stars.

WARHORSE 5***** - ".....the horse, Joey, is sold to the cavalry and sent into battle during the first world war. Its former owner enlists and sets out on an emotional reunion with his steed........" A great movie to watch again and again.

The second movie too was also quite touching. I thought it was going to be like the movie HUGO. Similar. Be warned, this will make you cry too.

EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE 4**** "....after the untimely death (911) of his father, a precocious young boy searches New York for the lock that fits the key that his dad left behind. The storytelling in the movie uplifting, inventive and invigorating as it is poignant.."

Get the Kleenex out.

I watched three other movies - foreign ones

Parlez moi de vous 3*** drama- comedy " .. Nuit apr├Ęs nuit, une animatrice radio de libre antenne recueille les confidences du tout-Paris. Dans la vie, en revanche, Elle vit en recluse. Une reconciliation avec as mere lui permettra-Elle de remplir le vide de son existence? ..."

La Delicatesse 3.5***' romance comedy " ..dans ce film, l'actrice Audrey Tatou interprete le role d'une jeune veuve dont un collegue suedois ne tarde pas a tomber amoureux. Une comedie romantique finement ciselee au charme indefinissable..."

Absurdistan 2** comedy. " ... A mystical utopian society torn apart when the womenfolk withdraw the men's bedroom privileges until the town's water supply is fixed..." (similar to the story about the Turkish Village in Sirt)


Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
May 16, 2012