Top 5 Movies Of All Time.

These are my top 5 movies, in no particular order.

Pulp Fiction- The dialogue is well written and convincing.

The Lion King- Takes me back to my childhood.

******- Yet another movie with modern dialogue and great acting.

Second Hand Lions- A cute, family movie that makes me dream of a different time.

Wayne's World-  Brilliance, nothing more.

I could watch these movies all day. 
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

I just watched 2 of your 5 favorite movies, lion king & pulp fiction ... I write on the paper name of others to watch! <br />
Did u watch blue-blank-rouge? i dont know you like european movies or not ... but i suggest u watch them

I have to agree with the Lion King(my fave movie, yes I am a kid at heart) and Pulp Fiction too.