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Rock of Ages

No I did not see this one and doubt I ever will, even on DVD. This is not a movie I would like. If I am ever compelled to see it I will update my review.
I sort of feel like I watched it after listening to Jim Floretine's very in-depth review of the movie, which I did enjoy!

Warning, it is rather long, I listened while making dinner and also he uses very graphic language but I'd rather listen to 45 minutes of this than sit thru 2 hours of bad 80's music sung by Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and Cathryn Zeta Jones.

MmmBabi MmmBabi 46-50, F 2 Responses Jul 2, 2012

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i actually enjoyed it.

rock of ages is amazing, within the first month of it being on dvd I have watched it 17 times, probably more and I still love to watch it