Tom Waits, Ledger's Inspiration?

Heard talk of this yesterday and had to check it out.

"The 1979 Australian TV interview with then 29-year-old Waits has been making the viral rounds on the Internet this weekend, and for good reason — Waits’ voice is virtually indistinguishable from Ledger’s memorably creepy Joker. The only difference? Waits is speaking this way in real life."

MmmBabi MmmBabi 46-50, F 2 Responses Jul 31, 2012

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I forget what a character he must have seemed way back then. I don't know if ledger studied his voice or not, but its the same all right. Plus, smoking on Tv! How weird to see that again!

Yeah the smoking is too funny!

that's actually very interesting

I thought so, it's pretty spot on.

yeah no kidding. I am trying to listen and not watch, sounds like joker... like 100%. it's crazy!