This sounds childish coming from a someone who is almost 23. My movie entertainment as a child, and still carries over to today, has been Disney. They have made some of the greatest movies off all time, especially Lion King, which should have been nominated for and should have won an oscar in 1994. But now, since they merged with pixar, we are seeing the era of CGI Disney. This, in my opinion, is contradictory to Disney's style. Yes, we have to adjust to the current social norm regarding how kids are entertained today, but I think kids would have been much more into the movies if they had stayed hand-drawn like the 90's and previously, rather than the computer graphics of today. I respect Disney for wanting to further their endeavors, but they were doing just fine before the Pixar merger, and would still be fourishing with no problem whatsoever if they had not done that. Disney has always, and will always be the greatest animated motion picture company of all time, and they have even done amazing with regular feature films as well, such as P.O.C franchise. Maybe , just maybe, when it comes to their non-animated movies, they should try a rated R film. I know that this would not even be an option if Walt was still alive, being as that they company was founded on the goal for entertainment for children, but a Rated R movie from Disney would be epic. Just think about it, putting Disney and Rated R in the same sentence sounds almost inhumane to even mention, but the P.O.C. series was borderline R anyway, so why not just try it one time. They are superior to WB in every aspect, the only reason WB has even slightly caught up to Disney is because they make Rated R movies. If Disney were to join in, that would crush the competition entirely, assuming Disney lives up to its nature as they have making animated movies. And going back to animation, I think I speak for a lot of people when i ask bring back hand-drawn, do away with pixar!
KW444 KW444
26-30, M
Sep 19, 2012