But Not This One

My wife and I went to see The Master last night. I was highly anticipating it; I've enjoyed Paul Thomas Anderson movies before; love Joaquin Phoenix; like Phillip Seymour Hoffman; and the thought of a movie about the early days of Scientlology and LRH sounded facinating. The movie got some of the best reviews I have read in a while. Peter Travis of RS, who I usually agree with, is calling it a masterpiece. Even the bad reviews have wonderful things to say .... just that it is a little confusing and falls short of masterpiece.

Confusing????? That assumes there was a f**king story there to begin with. That was the most disjointed, incoherant piece of drivel ever cast upon a movie screen. I went back and tried to find a truly bad review .... I finally did and this guy (at the Oak Ridge Register, no less) got it, and describes it better than i ever could:

"And thank you for wasting nearly 2½ hours of my life inundating me with a succession of increasingly bizarre scenes in which Phoenix wildly overacts and Hoffman babbles on esoterically while sounding as if he swallowed too many Xanax."

or this

"But that’s where the similarities end and Anderson’s self-indulgence begins. He knows no bounds, either, filling the screen with painstakingly composed shots vividly evoking the sights, sounds and moods of 1950s America. Yet, while these images are breathtaking to behold, they are stunningly empty of humanity. Sure, there are actors populating these moving snapshots, but the people they are portraying have zero resemblance to anyone in the real world."

After dozing off for the second time ... and getting an elbow to my ribs jolting me awake ...my wife said you dragged me to this piece of **** (she wanted to see the Candidate) ; you're not getting off easy by sleeping through it ... I managed to stay awake through the boring, inconclusive end. My streak of never having walked out on a movie intact (I have no idea why I am proud of that), but my trust in critics may be mortally wounded.

**** ..... Maybe that was Wes Anderson I liked so much ;)  (Moonrise Kingdom IS the best movie of the year so far, BTW)
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Totally agree with you on this ron. Pure drivel, the entire movie. Just posted my own, much more succinct story on this movie...

<p>second time today I have encountered a bad review of it</p>