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Movie Theatre= Personality Type

Just yesterday I heard on the radio that your favorite movie can strongly depict your personality!Examples:

Gone With the Wind: You are a Survivor. You battle ups and downs in life, never quitting the fight.

Forest Gump: You are Possitive, Grateful, and Hopeful. (and like chocolates! ok, that's my opinion!

Titanic: You believe in Love and Romance.

Ok, so that's when I started to sweat! I REALLY like 2 of those movies. But my alltime favorite is-- Cruel Intentions!

So, calling all psycho-babblists! What could this mean?! I consider myself a peaceful, sympathetic, sociable, " Can't We All Just Get Along?" kind of gal! SO... am I just having an "opposite attraction" (which I tend to do on alot of things)? Or in some dark recess of my mind do I have the ability to be cruel if provoked??!!

How bout you? What movie do you curl up on the couch for?

emerald emerald 36-40, F 12 Responses May 8, 2007

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Your EP user name - emerald -is unique...


Romantic movies...

Comedy movies...

It should be light on the mind...
not heavy ****.

my favourite is Aliens so woth the hell does that make me?

Actually i like all kinds of movie. Forrest gump,titanic and sixthsense are my favorites but i also enjoy terminator,predator,aliens and others of that a versatile movie buff!

Interesting. I think that makes sense, really. You might be a secret psycho, but I think we all have that potential.

LOL, MOS. I think I have the secret potential to be cruel in words if my concious didn't rule my thinking. I'm usually a blunt speaker, but I try to 'balm' my wording so I don't come off as defensive, stinging, hateful, ect. But if I get po-ed, I don't care and can be CRUEL with my words, and I MEAN them and I don't appologize for those words. In the movie Cruel Intentions, this was pretty much the daily conversating lives of the 'mean people' characters. And their hateful, intellectually snarky comments amused me. However, I wouldn't talk as they do, unless as previously stated, I'm extremely mad. :)

#1 movie of all time no doubt Has to be "The Crow" thats my favorite movie of all time. #2 movie "Days of THunder" #3 movie "Transformers Dark of the Moon" #4 movie "Face Off" #5 movie would have to be "Accepted"

Alfred hitchcok movie? No I havent seen that movie.

Judging people's personality on what movie they like isn't hard science, example I heard people who like the Godfather are family orientated, Maybe I just like seeing gangsters kill each other,<br />
example, if you like molholland drive you enjoy mysteries, No I just like to watch 2 naked women cuddle,

Cruel intentions is a great movie... but don't we all like movies where the creeps all get what's coming to them?

Emerald: I really like your basic premise that taste in movies could reveal personality type. Here are a few possibilities - see what you think.<br />
<br />
Norbit - You have a death wish.<br />
<br />
Little Miss Sunshine - You take Prozac.<br />
<br />
Snakes On A Plane - You were dropped on your head as a child.<br />
<br />
Borat - You are related to the Three Stooges.<br />
<br />
The Bourne Identity - You own a Mini Cooper.<br />
<br />
The Last King Of Scotland - You have a goatee and smoke a pipe. (If female, strike the goatee and insert membership in a food co-op - keep the pipe.)<br />
<br />
Mulholland Drive - You believe Timothy Leary was judged harshly.<br />
<br />
Eraserhead - You live in a basement and subsist on a steady diet of spiders and fiberglass insulation.<br />
<br />
Lost In Translation - You desperately want people to know you attended college.<br />
<br />
The Sixth Sense - You're Dead<br />
<br />
Grizzly Man - You're a psychiatrist.<br />
<br />
City Of God - You used to be a travel agent.<br />
<br />
Europa - You went off your meds.<br />
<br />
Apartment Zero - There are Communists in your underwear drawer.<br />
<br />
Fantasia - As far as you're concerned, the 60s never ended.

Eeks my favorit is sixthsense so am a dead woman walking and writing!

I love Little Miss Sunshine! Oh sh*t! You're right! I do take prozac! XD

I loved LMS... Alan Arkin dispensing his pithy sentiment and wisdom to his grandson... "Sex! Have lots of sex!"

I like Forest Gump and Titanic too. What you said about Titanic that is true. I was always like that. And yes! I am fond of Cruel Intentions and Dangerous Liasions as well! But I think that the modern version of the story, so Cruel I. is much better. If I have to say just one movie that I liked very much than I would say this film. But I am not like the characters. I think that I like it because I know: I would never be so cruel and enjoy it.

My All Time Favorite Movie is: Casablanca, with Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This film has it all; action, drama, romance, humor. So many great lines have come out of that film. <br />
What does this say of me?

Ok should my friends and family worry two of my favorites are American Pyscho and the Rocky Horror Picture SHow