"cloud Atlas" Movie That Depict Human Frailties And Imperfections Despite "perfections"

I've just watched the movie last sunday....for me, the movie is great though in the first part of it you'll feel bore but if you get along with the story as you reach the climactic point of it, you'll be amazed and impressed as if you we're able to put all 1500-piece jizsaw puzzle. it is quite impressive.... for me its a 4star movie (1-5 rating

I movie hits me and made me think that despite all the strugles of humankind to gain "perfection" still imperfections exist. The concept of reincarnation in the movies depicts that imperfection... The human tendencies to become good or bad...and the concept of unconditional love, a love that transcends even different time and place... it was a great movie..it's worth watching it'll a great one to pathom with...
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This was a great book, he's the same Author who wrote Black Swan.

Wow, the timing of this is amazing. I was recently in a relationship with someone that I can't be with, but is the love of my life. I saw the trailer and cried because I know that the Tom Hanks Halle Berry charachters must be us, traveling through time and our souls constantly meeting. Or at least that is what we like to fantasize. We had to end our relationship and yesterday he bought me the book and left it for me to find today. I can't wait to read the book, and still see the movie, and find out what happens to the two. Thank you for not spoiling the movie!