My Top 20 Favorite Movies (in No Particular Order)

1. The Color Purple - Stephen Speilburg did a beautiful job adapting the book onto the big screen. It makes me cry every time I see it.
2. The Usual Suspects - Awesome cast! Kevin Spacey was great.
3. The Secret of NIMH - Don Bluth's best movie in my opinion. Dark and creepy. Beautiful animation and almost no musical numbers.
4. Brazil - Bizzaro, creepy, funny, dark, surealistic and wonderful!
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Also a dark, surrealistic fun fest of epic proportions!
6. True Romance - Huge cast full of stars. Great plot. Violence that approaches poetry in its choreography.
7. 12 Monkeys - My second Gilliam film on the list and it won't be the last. Brad Pitt was wonderful!
8. The Princess Bride - come on! Who doesn't like the Princess Bride?
9. Fargo - I'm a huge Coen Brothers fan, and this is one of my favorites by them
10. Miller's Crossing - Another classic from the Coens. I love the 1930's gangster lingo
11. Groundhog's Day - Corny, but hilarious. I love all the different ways Bill Murrey deals with the same day repeating over and over again.
12. Big Trouble in Little China - Again, corny, but hilarious
13. The Fisher King - another weird one from Gilliam. A great fairy tale for grown ups
14. Alien - Ridley Scott does an amazing job. This movie is eerie and beautiful and scary as all Hell.
15. The Matrix - One of my favorite sci fi movies of all time
16. The Secretary - BDSM hottness
17. Donnie Darko - the plot was a little hard to grasp, but there were some great moments
18. Labrynth - Another classic
19. Clerks and Clerks II (by far my favorite Kevin Smith movies)
20. Matewan - The story of a coal miners strike and the resulting massacre in a West Virginia coal mining town.
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Dec 12, 2012