Watched Ted last night. I was so excited because from the trailers it looked so funny. I hated it! So stupid, too much cursing and I just didn't enjoy seeing Mark Wahlberg in this one and I love him.
There were some cute moments, but overall, I felt I wasted my time. Have to try again tonight!
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Yeah, that movie sucked big balls.

Thats another way to put it! LOL

I also love Mark Wahlberg, I think he has become a very good actor, and for that reason I can't bring myself to watch TED because I don't want to be disappointed. I pretty agree with your views on the movies we have both seen and your opinion is enough to make me take a pass on TED.

LOL..so sweet of you to trust like that. Well I too usually think he is so good. But it's a silly movie in which he did his best to be a teddy bears best friend for life. What can I expect from that right?! Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have watched it.

Ok...I'm sure you are right. You will love it! LOL

Seem like the trailers make it so good... Just like cabin in the woods a big waste

Oh yea, even the title, cabin in the woods makes you think it's great, so not really huh? Thanks for telling me! :)

No not that great...the title even sounded gteat

Did you watch Arbitrage? I posted about it a little while ago...I thought it was pretty good.


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