Devil's Advocate

It is a nice movie I saw and it manifests in our lives many a times during the course of our lives.

Devil's Advocate :

The movie is good too:

And in my experience I have seen good people turn into DA also -for the heck of it sometimes and some times to irritate and especially when they know your weaknesses.

Some even are DA behind the scenes - and they craft things beautifully. Some times a simple 'ya right' and the way they put it - can be enough to make others sense something is wrong ! They give that illusion.

e.g: The Insurance Agent wants to sell you an life insurance, and you know for sure yuo are not going to die at this age - but yet argues on it.

- The Divorce Attorney of your ex, who comes in and does bill by the hour and does nothing - yet stands tall and big as a protector.
and I digress. back to...My story here was about this movie.

woodland27 woodland27
41-45, M
Jan 6, 2013