(500) Days Of Summer

This is not a love story. -spoiler-

Summer and Tom had different beliefs.
Summer didn't believe in fate, destiny and The One.
Tom believed the opposite.
In the end, they were both wrong (I think).
They changed each others' perspectives for the better.
Summer realized what she was missing in the relationship with Tom while watching The Graduate.
She knew what she was never sure with Tom.
It was painful watching the conversation they had on the bench in Tom's favorite place after Summer got married.
My heart broke when Tom turned his head away from Summer to hide his inner pain and from the cold reality.
Tom believed Summer was The One.
But turns out there's a lot of The Ones.
Summer never believed in The One, which actually helped her find The One.
Tom realized there isn't The One and he was able to move onto find The One.
It's a painful truth to face especially for me because I'm in the process of moving on.
And I almost had an urge to rate the movie 7/10 but It's a 8/10 for sure. There's no doubt in my mind.
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

This film also has an awesome soundtrack. Almost to a point where it overtakes the story. This is still a very pretty film though :)