Amazing Grace

I knew nothing of this movie until I heard it recommended on Tv by someone just talking so I thought I would look it up. Wow...great movie!
Its actually a 2006 movie. based on true accounts of William Wilberforce and the British parliament. It tells about his life long fight to abolish the slave trade in Britain, all of the obstacles he faced and showed his determination to see his bill passed. Excellent movie. Recommended
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Yes, although ultimately what the movie downplays (and I have watched it) is that the reason he was successful eventually was that the slave trade had become less profitable due to the changing economy and slave rebellions on plantations that fewer and fewer MPs were inclined to support it. Once economic interests had weakened sufficiently, moral objections were able to gain traction and slavery could be outlawed.

Of course this is not to say that what he did was any less admirable - standing up for what he believed for so long was admirable in itself, especially because there was so much opposition, even if its ultimate realization was less because of that persistence and more due to other factors.'s a good story though, but I did think about that too. I would have been frustrated if it were me, although after all that time Im sure he felt success in just having change. Also, if he didn't have the connections he had the lawyer may have never suggested that....

It was a good story. I certainly liked it. And yes, the change simply happening, however it occurred, was a triumph - slavery being outlawed was a significant milestone in human history. And he did contribute - he kept it in people's minds, he drew more supporters, and ultimately the bill was passed, albeit more because of the economic self-interest of the elites rather than him convincing those elites that it was morally wrong (which would have been the ideal outcome).