My Taste Is Eccentric Because My Criteria Is Eccentric

I like what I like, and it's very different from what most people tend to like. Sometimes. Sometimes, what I like is exactly what other people like. What I don't like goes the same way.

The ease of escaping into the world that the entertainment creates is my primary criteria.

The thoroughness of the world that the entertainment creates is a secondary criteria.

The ease of inserting myself, as my own character, not just in my own fictions of their world, but actually into the progress of their story, is also a secondary criteria.

Acting, directing, these sort of things don't apply to me. If the world is real enough, all I care about is the characters behaving like they should. If they do something that seems out-of-character, I have to make a choice: do I revise how I perceive them, or do I refuse to accept that part of them and decide it's not a good story. In reflection, it seems I usually choose the first route, deciding the character is suffering from more inner turmoil than I gave them credit for, but often enough I can't get around it and the moment ruins the movie.

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mononoaware mononoaware
26-30, M
Jan 15, 2013