Movies Are My Life

i love all genres and watch at the very least 3 films a week, i am the member of a film club so they are sent to me each week,,,i love the whole escape of movies you can become totally enraped in a film and in the feel so many emotions, and can connect with characters....i have experienced some really bad bad movies mind, and when you do get a bad one...why is it you have to watch it still all the way through just to make sure it is indeed as bad as you think its going to be??......i love proper thrillers the ones that make you jump a lot, and horror the saw series took me a while to watch them but when i got into them i realised they actually had a really good plot line....i dont like pointless horror the ones that are just plain stupid and make no sense they make me angry because they could be soooo good...but they just arnt and its series at the moment is american watching series 2 at the moment as i got the box set of series one for xmas and watched them all in one sitting...just one really long addictive movie!!
forachange forachange
36-40, F
Jan 16, 2013