Movies, Yes Please.

Redbox and I mineswell be dating.

Im doing horror last. Action behind horror. They seem to have the weakest story lines. Unless there are good actors/actresses than....

I watched this movie... beasts of the southern wild I think its called. I like movies like this. short budget films that are really well written that portray something real- you feel it, you become connected with the characters, so on. Comedy is good too. And I have recently found myself watching Disney cartoon movies. Bizarre for a 27 year old. They can be good, cute movies though. I went through this period of liking chick flicks. Im not sure Im off the banwagon yet, actually. That last ones hard to admit to. Never liked them in my life. I used to like movies that made me think, now I like ones that make me feel.
Old movies are good too.
I've never seen star wars in my life. One day, I will do it. I will watch them all.
polkio polkio
26-30, F
Jan 19, 2013