Escape From Real Life

I so love watching movies! I see it as an escape, from real life, even if it's just for a while...Feel just the same way as when I read a book.

Getting lost in the fantasy, getting lost in other worlds, in another person's fantasy world, is amazing!
The movie that has become my all-time favourite, is Lord of the Rings!!!
It was fantastic, in every way! I watched that movie twice in a row.
That movie is exactly what I'm talking about, I feel different watching it, I feel as if I'm there.

Another few of my favourites are: The Green Mile, Meet Joe Black, The Notebook, and even older movies like musicals: Annie, Grease....

Movies make me dream, fantasize. Don't worry, I always find my way back to real life, but just enjoy that moments, that I escape reality.

kelly1981 kelly1981
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3 Responses Feb 3, 2013

brilliant totally agree with you

I think movies are as much an escape from real life now as books always have been. Life can seem pretty samey at times on a day to day basis especially if your routine or work pattern confines your freedom. I've always been a terrible daydreamer and if I'm inspired or moved enough by a film I'll happily enjoy exploring the characters or ideas more in my head after. So yeah it has to be good :)

Yep, I agree, a couple of hours away from the real world.