i loved it! it was filled with actions, the special effects were amazing and it was funny! great summer film
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I felt like a kid watching that movie, I was so excited and into it. My 8 yr old son loved it 2. Cant' wait for part 2 to come out next year. Im definately gonna go watch it the weekend it comes out. Not thrilled about the toys though, son got some for his bday and once u make it a robot its hard to put them back as a vehicle.

love it so much. As a kid i was so jealous of kids that had transormer toys.

got to love the movie... it totally rocks!

I feel you. Transformers was awesome. I might be biased cause i tried to turn my little brother into a transformer when we were kids (long story). But yep it was real good.

Me and my boyfriend went and seen it the day it came out that movie was so awesome probably one of the best movies I've seen all year