Howl's Moving Castle

I just watched HMC, and it was a BEAUTIFUL movie. it was such a little gem of a movie. you could take it at face value for a love story, or take it deeper, and see the journey of self-discovery and self-worth along the way. i loved the way each of the characters developed and really became REAL to me. one of the worst things to me in a movie is fake characters.

i could really identify with sophie, the protagonist. on my bad days, i can't help but feel that i am too ugly, and the only thing i'm good at is cleaning. maybe i'm biased then. the emotion and thoughts really hit a spot. i love the way movies can show you yourself, and put you through so many emotions - make you FEEL again. like you're alive, and you're here, and you will be sad, angry, depressed... and then you will have hope at the end of the road. *sigh* if only life was like the movies.

the only thing a little iffy with HMC is the ending - a couple of ugh lines. that is all i will say! still, i strongly recommend HMC for anyone who appreciates a sweet story.

BowsAndBones BowsAndBones
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I love that movie also! =)