Best Movie For a Drinking Game

The Edge   -    Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin in the wild frontier of Alaska. It is a lovely epic film of the wilderness and quite the adventure. There is a subplot to the main storyline but easy to follow. We've seen it many times since it is a good film, but we have fun finding flubs, faults and things that are so Hollywood they could never happen in real life.

In the first 15 minutes of the film, Alec (Robert) says Anthony's name (Charles) 16 times. If you and your pals took a shot every time the name Charles is said, you'd all get shitfaced and be laughing whenever the menacing bear was on screen.

They take an excursion, small plane crashes, pilot dies, mate gets mauled by a man-eating bear who continues to stalk our heros. Although it was written by David Mamet, the dialog tends to be predictable in places and very repetitive. Here's where the drinking game gets good.

By the end of the film, Anthony Hopkins' character name, Charles, has been said 113 times to the best of our calculations. I recommend using shots of beer rather than tequila.


qazrazl qazrazl
41-45, F
Feb 13, 2009