Wolf of Wall Street. So many unforgettable quotes from that movie. I thought Jonah Hill looked ridiculous with those teeth, but did a fantastic job acting. What a roller coaster the entire movie is. One to watch again and again!
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My favorite part is when he says ****.

I didn't really get it, I mean I understand the funny parts but a lot of it either bored me or pissed me off which is weird because normally I love anything involving Leo or Jonah. Maybe not something with both of them together, but I liked their SNL bit though so I don't know.

From what I understand Jordan Belfort, did truly, do most if not all if these things that were happening in the movie. Look him up. The real guy I don't necessarily like, but the movie itself I thought was brilliant. Scorecese pushed the envelope a lot farther. This movie almost got an nc-17 rating.

Oh yeah, I forgot it was based off a real person. Well I guess now it does make some sense although I'm sure the gag parts were just added by him for effect. I'm a little surprised by that, there's just no way it could be anything other than an R.

**** yea it's based off a real person! A person who came from nothing and started his own firm, getting mediocre investors on the line to getting the top 1% wealthiest investors to buy into companies that weren't worth much. The guy made bank in no time and the Feds were on him cause he was doing it a lot of illegally. Hes a motivational speaker now.

Must be pretty motivational lol

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I just watched that a few hours ago. It was a decent movie and there was a couple laughs but I felt like the whole thing was a drugs/sex/money scene and not much in the way of actual entertainment.

I still gotta see that! anything Scorscese does is amazing! I think the Departed is still my favorite movie.

Casino us definitely mine. This one has got to be a close second though.

Yeah Casino is pretty amazing I will give you that. Joe Peschi is scary as fck in that movie. The pen scene!?

How about the guys head in a vice scene?

I have such a vivid image of that scene in my mind, so disturbing. I seriously gotta sit down and watch good fellas though, I've never seen it straight through.

Understandable, it's so long. Just like most of his movies. Epic movie though when you do get a chance to watch it through, hopefully you'll like the ending quotes as much as I do!

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