Donnie Darko: So Deliciously Weird

Not quite as weird as David Lynch films or John Waters films but still an unusual indie film. And it introduced us to the lovely and talented Jake Gyllenhal (sp?). Maggie, his sister, is an indie film star. I loved her in Secretary, but back to Jake.

Donnie is not doing so well. Some personal problems. Sees a shrink. Starts talking to the giant rabbit, he hallucinates, who tells him his time is ticking. A plane's engine drops on his house, through his room but luckily he was sleep walking to the local country club.

As he begins to piece together weird events and what his destiny is supposed to be, he checks right out of his noggin altogether. A few cool effects, great cast, retro 80's soundtrack and has some laughs. Rent it if you appreciate weird.

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Yes, it makes you think! And watch it more than twice! I re-read the comments here and 2 of the people who had been conversing with me have since deleted their profiles so their comments are now gone as well. I HATE it when people quit EP.<br />
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Welcome aboard, XTHC.

GREAT film...unforgettable and one of my favorites. MAKES YOU THINK!

I had a nightmare about the rabbit in Donnie Darko one time.. It scared the hell out of me!

Well, I just rented the director's cut and listened to the commentary with Kevin Smith as well. Since the little snotnose above chose not to divulge all the deep knowledge they have, I will conclude I have found and understood everything the director intended. I chose not to write up a dissertation on this movie here but that certainly doesn't mean I missed anything. DonnieDarko will remain in my top 10.

It would be really great if you shared here how to progress after the phone call, if you know how. Explain the perspective<br />
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That site gives tips on how to navigate the darko site. I found everything as far as I know.

Neither of you even begin to realize the aspects to both the movie and the game. You can't just learn this movie by googling it. The website itself is very deep and requires a true understanding of the movie. There are more levels after number three, they're just impossible to figure out. There are some hints though, like when you type in the text box that appears for no reason only certain letters capitalize and you can erase the text of the phone call. You all should look more into the movie from a different perspective.

Juuuuust you wait! A suitcase is being packed....<br />
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explains how to proceed thru the weirdness. I got to level 3 and as far as I've been able to discern, that's the end. <br />
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There's pages from Roberta Sparrow's book to read! (I'm such a geek!)

HA! You're so cool. Did you go play on the site?<br />
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It starts with a teeny pop up of Donnie slamming the mirror, click it and it goes into bizarro land from there!

whuh? huh? Were you on a different site? The one I went on was tangent universe, screen after screen of fun, interactive.<br />
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Aliens? Missed that commentary. Going to google again...

Did you watch or listen to the commentary which explains what's really going on with that movie? <br />
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How the hell are people supposed to pick up on all that alien race stuff? lol

i gotta explore the site more in depth!

seriously weird... and surprisingly deep. It's hilarious how much back story there is that is untold and only hinted at in the movie.<br><br />
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I visited this and it's weird! Google donniedarko and this comes up 1st, the next one is a guide to use the 1st one. I got a few pages in by randomly clicking on stuff. Have fun!

I appreciate weird :) It's a really cool movie; I loved it. I also visited the just as weird website ages ago. I didn't know what to do...