Movies are the best! I love horror, thriller and drama. Any suggestions? What's your favorite movie?
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Korean drama. Do u have torrent on your laptop? The title is "moment to remember"

drama - any korean film
Thriller- Oldboy(korean, too many to think of
Horror - Highschool musical


The Silence of the Lambs!
Creeped the hell out of when I watched it as a teen!

Insidious, the conjuring and the changeling are all really scary movies prisoners and the roommate are creepy thrillers I don't really know many dramas

Thai - 3am
Korea - death bell 1&2
Japan - the ring
America? - insidious

There's more but I forgot

Usually when america remakes Japanese movies they stink.
The Original is always the best!

True and agree!

American psyco little bit of all of that

I thought that movie was funny actually

It is i love stuff that can make me laugh at ****** up ****

The Shawshank Redemption my favourite film and the best film of all time!

The Shawshank Redemption is a great movie. Its one of my favorite movies. I liked it very much because I have been in jail myself for a short while.
friendship, hope, redemption ... great movie
However its not even close to being called the best film of all time