I just watch movie "LUCY" well.. Overall the story its interesting, action is great but the end of it didnt really connected with me.. Just because she reach 100% of his neuro brain then she can be everywhere and control anything.. Hm a lil bit over.. But thats only my opinion and once again "movies oh movies"

Sometimes when I woke up in the morning, one thing I regret is "damn I just left my dream world " which I love to dream and sleep.. Even I didnt have enough sleep almost everyday.. But dreams is quiet cheers me...

Lols maybe I write not important things but yeah thats my experience.. I start like EP more..
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Lol i took my little nice to see it ad when we came out of the movie theater she looks u at me and asked me "Hey uncle vinny soo that's what happends when we die ? We become flash drives" And then she started crying slowly saying "I don't want to become a flash drive" lol soo i had to take her to get ice cream and explainde her that that was just a movie.