Just watched Silence Of The Lambs. I'm confused, is it supposed to scare me or am I just another of the modern generation desensitised to violence?
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Don't know if someone ever been scared by Silence Of The Lambs.It's one of my favourite movies, the first time i watched it i was 9 years old and it was as scary as some Disney movie for me :)

not meant to be scary. but it is a good crime story.

Horror and physiological thriller are different. It's not really suppose to scare you, just make see the world through the eyes of Ms. Starling. I recommend watching them in chronological order.... Hannibal Rising, Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal

It's not meant to be a scary film. It's a modern classic that mixes Crime/Thriller and Drama. It is far from being a horror. If you class that as a horror then stick to watching Twilight as you can't differentiate the genres

Okay, for the record, I can differentiate the genres. I was just confused because I know that some people consider psychological thrillers to be frightening. Oh, I also don't appreciate being told to stick to Twilight. Do you really think that I am one of those self absorbed, plebeian pre-teens that considers sparkling a vampire?