Take the Lead

I love movies, too!  I just recently saw the movie Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas.  The part that I especially like is the part were he does that seductive and sexy Tango with that white chick.   I also like the part were at the end of the movie  were there is a Ballroom Dance Contest and Sasha is dancing.  That was extravigantly sexy.  I would love to learn Ballroom dancing.  So far I know I've accomplished a small goal and the reason I say this is because I know how to Salsa dance (lots of people have complimented me that I'm good) and I can tell you it is so much fun.  I don't have to hear it from anyone because I know i'm good.  But I wish I was even better.  Sometimes I wish I could dance like Sasha. I also like to watch (on channel 7) Dancing With The Stars.  I always vote for my favorite celebrity.  It is awesome.  I would definately recommend these two to people who love to dance.   
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

What I do is rent movies with salsa and ballroom and practice the steps and techniques from the movies. It's not that hard. It's so wonderful to learn how to do something without someone teaching me. I guess I do amaze myself sometimes. Doing this has given me more confidence in myself. This is a good suggestion for anyone who loves to dance.

i love that movie! Those are my fav parts too! I would love to know how to dance like Sasha too lol would just like to know how to do any of those ballroom dances! I like 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Fox also! :)