Movie Buff

hey guys,i am a movie buff too ,and love watching for the mistakes,and the outtakes,i am pretty good at move trivia ,

i want to see tooth fairy with Dwayne the rock Johnson and Julie Andrews

The movie 2012 with John Cusack looks interesting

I seen that Ghostbusters 3 will be coming out soon

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

i hve the movie with leonardo decaprio havent watched it i have seen all the other movies based on the titanic though

there is only so much love to go around,as for action i like the special effects ,or a good comedy,scifi are great for the special effects

Ewwww.....<br />
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A remake of the wizard of oz, i hope they don't ruin it, I can't wait for the remake of the Clash of the Titans.....<br />
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Foootlooose, NOOOOOOOOO<br />
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What's up with all these remakes....can't hollywood get any new ideas, instead of those stupid "superhero, date, love, crap" Movies movies? <br />
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I recommend District 9!

I want to see Tooth Fairy, also! I hear there's going to be a remake of The Wizzard Of Oz this year! I hope that's just a rumor! How WRONG! Without Judy Garland... just won't be the same. I hear another Footloose too. Hmmm, Kevin Bacon will probably be too old to shake it this time around, huh?? ;)