The Greatest Film Nobody Has Ever Seen

I've written about 'The Pawnbroker' before, and I make no apologies for doing so again. 

It's emotional intensity simply takes the breath away. Rod Steiger, one of the very finest actors, plays  Sol Nazerman, a pawn shop owner, and a concentration camp survivor in a rundown Harlem ghetto. He suffers excruciating flashbacks, blocks off any emotional contact with anyone around him, he tries to block the memories but cannot. The flashbacks juxtapose concentration camp treatment with ghetto neighborhood treatment. Sol's Latino assistant, Jesus Ortiz , and a few others that use his shop treat Sol with affection and receive indifference. 

I won't say any more. JUST SEE IT!!




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Thank you, beprincess:)<br />
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Yes, its use of photography and atmosphere is just mesmerising.<br />
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I have watched this film too, and enjoyed its photography and atmosphere. Truly brilliant suggestion here, Mizzen123.

Brilliant! Let me know what you think, sweet. I think it approaches genius, I really do.