Woo Woo

One night, Mr. and Mrs. Woo were lying in bed together.

Mr. Woo was feeling pretty hot.

He rolled over and whispered into Mrs.Woo's ear...

"Oh Woo-baby, I want you so bad. How about a little sixty-nine tonight, hot mama?"

Mrs.Woo said,  "Why you want Beef/Broccoli now???"

Lilt Lilt
19 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I bet Mrs. Woo likes multiple numbers, Dorobo.

That was great Lilt! Hahaha! Mrs Woo is the WOOMAN!<br />
We love you Mrs. Woo! And your sisters too!

she bring good fortune to EP

And a sweet Peking sauce.

...with a side of dumplings

mrswoo taste like chicken on stick...<br />
<br />
me like mrswoo

Then I will suggest the dimly lit booth in the back.

You want #69?

Notice I didn't say you DID what Mr. Woo was asking for....<br />
no sex occurred in the telling of the joke.

I apologize Mrs. Woo.<br />
Would you like me to change it?


No, I can't say that I've had the honor.

Oh, ROTFLMAO. MrsWoo hates text speak.

Have you not met Mrs. Woo yet, EB ?<br />
She is very wise.

She's sweeter than Peking Duck!

Oh. That's all. Just, "Oh"

Mrs. Woo is hotter than Szechuan chicken #67

Hahahaha..hot mama!!!

rmao?<br />
Why you want no msg?