Fishing In A Pond

Back when I was in high school my friend dug a garden pond and wanted to stock it with a few fish. He has some relatives that own property with a big pond stocked with fish. One day armed with a net we drove to their property to catch some, we tried throwing bread crumbs near the banks to lure the fish in with no luck. I figured it wasn’t going to be easy so I wore an old t-shirt, shorts, and some long white socks which were not old. I also brought a change of clothes. I took my shoes off pulled my socks up and waded in at a spot that was pretty flat and shallow. Two steps in I watch my socks disappear into the black sludge, only about ankle deep at first, then a few more steps it was up to my knees turning my white socks totally black. Once I got to the center the water was clean and cool, and up to my chest, it was refreshing. I caught a few fish and made my way though the black sludge once more coating my already filthy socks. I got changed and put my mud caked socks in a plastic bag and went home. By the time I got around to clean the socks, the mud was dried on and after being laundered, they turned dark grey.
Lar94 Lar94
36-40, M
Jun 23, 2012