Old Railroad Tracks Pt. 2

I rode back to the old railroad tracks a day or two after it rained. I was wearing some thick knee length white socks (they were my socks from gym class), shorts, and t-shirt. The place where I got my socks dirty from a previous story was now mud. I slowly rode my bike through the mud hoping not to get stuck, turns out I didn’t. I rode through it again going faster and got mud on my shirt and shorts as well as my socks. I got off my bike I took my sneakers off and walked into the black mud in my socks. The mud was like watered down cake batter, and only about 8 inches deep from what I remember. I had fun slopping around, and jumping in it, in my socks. The best part was watching the mud splash up the sides of my socks when I jumped into it. It was so much fun watching my socks turn from white to black. I rode my bike back to my grandma’s house in my muddy socks. After hosing the mud off my clothes, I washed them, socks separately because they got the worst of it. My shorts and shirt cleaned up ok, my socks on the other hand were ruined, every part the mud touched turned grey. I kept wearing them even though they were horribly stained.
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When you were done, you should have taken your socks off and put them on the rail for the train to run over. It cuts them to pieces