Mudvayne....nothing Like It!

Too much to say about mudvayne.  I have to say though that L.D. 50 is my favorite album.  It's raw and emotional.  Almost something pure about it.  Also, I have a weird obsession with serial killers and on L.D. 50 the song nothing to gein is about Ed Gein.  I'm sure you all know about  him.  The man from Texas that started out by digging up dead bodies from the cemetery and making **** out of their bones.  Eventually he killed people.  wore their skin as masks.  It was said that he was so messed up because his mother was a psycho that was a bible thumper and would not let Ed have any friends.  Mother also told him woman were dirty and that she should be his best friend.  Love love love Mudvayne.  Would love to connect with others to discuss music.
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Jul 30, 2010