Grandkid's And Muffin's.

One of our greatest joy's is having the grankid's stay with us. We alway's make breakfast where we all join in on making it. Of course they all love muffin's so the pantry alway's has the stuff to make them with. Blueberry and strawberry are the favorite's. Each one has their part in getting them ready for the oven. I get tickled in them arguing over who get's to lick the bowl and spoon, it take's me back to my brother and sister and I doing the same thing. Then I send them in to get grandma up to eat with us. I aint no dummy I sent the kid's to get her up.

The next favorite breakfast for them is green egg's and ham, I have made that for them every since we read the book to them when they were little. The oldest is now 12 but still ask's grandad to make it for them. I have memeorie's with them that will alway's be carried in my heart.
Robert1256 Robert1256
51-55, M
Jul 16, 2010