Female Muscle Wife

I am excited. My wife is a female bodybuilder and in tight contest shape right now, She is muscled and ripped!! Earlier today, after her workout, I gave her a 45 minute deep tissue massage. For doing so, she gave me a loving hug and said that late tonight she is going to put on her slingshot bikini and let me "enjoy the goods!" Oh man! If you have never been with a woman who is in shape, confidant, and can wear a slingshot bikini, you are missing out!! BTW, not anyone can wear a slingshot bikini (Google one!) and look good in one. My wife can! HE HE!! That is what makes her all the more erotic, on top of being a female bodybuilder. We are so in love, even after all these years. I love the stares she gets by either horny husbands or their jealous wives who catch them looking. Women say they would not want to look like that, but yes they really would trade in their fat bellies for a hard six pack and round biceps like my wife. Trust me, they would!
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Jul 27, 2012