Undisclosed Desires

Muse has been in my mp3 devices for quite some time, and slowly I have introduced myself to their songs. I came upon them years ago and initially kept them in my awareness because of the name of the band (I adore the meaning of the word "muse"). After some passing time of listening to their various songs, I count them as one of my favorite musical artists. I love the passionate, artful, exploratory, blending nature of the instrumental, lyrical, and vocal (Matthew Bellamy has an intriguing vocal range).

The song following is one that I enjoy listening to quite often. The first time I heard it, I was rather surprised at the general content of it all... I simply was not expecting it. I recently found out it is a quite popular song, but I still appreciate it all the same, in my own, unique way. There are some words/lines that I, myself, would either take out or amend, but other than that, it's all a beautiful concept if one focuses on the vision of the true and loving. I like the bit o' blending of genres, as well, and many times I find myself fascinated with the transitions and overall flow.
Oh, and I appreciate the use of consonance in the title of the song, heh.

DustToAshes DustToAshes
26-30, F
Jun 10, 2012