I just never realized how amazing of a band this was. I've been traveling all over the andes for the past month meeting the most fascinating people, people who have absolutely nothing yet they welcome you as one of their own just for the alone fact you're there. you're their immediate guest and they'll feed you even if they don't have much to share. They don't complain about how their life goes and dream of a day politicians stop visiting their villages exclusively while campaigning for the presidential position and instead they show they actually care about them... you can hear in their minds roars of revolution in the young generations who are willing to give their lives to get justice and be treated as equals as the people who live in the more civilized world. I spent my last week in the city of Lima-Peru and attended to a Muse tribute concert at the most bohemian neighborhood of the city about half a mile from the sea. When they played this song, all i could think of were those memories and felt like the entire young generation from the little villages i visited in the andes was singing along with me... I've been back in America for the past week and i can still hear those voices calling out for a revolution.
alej89 alej89
22-25, M
Jan 23, 2013