Beautiful and Sublime

I love both the anime and the manga of Mushishi.  Even though I don't watch that much anime any more, I did really enjoy the series.  The art (especially the backgrounds) are just so beautiful and the music is so sublimely gorgeous.  I though Ginko made a very interesting main character and I also liked the variety in the episodes too between the heart-warming Raindrops and Rainbows (my personal favourite episode) to the down-right scary The Pillow Pathway.


Truly it was a wonderful series.  I hope that the powers-that-be make a sequel.  Its up there with Gankutsuou and Monster in my favourite animes of all time.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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6 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I far preffer 'intelligent' anime to the Shounen Jump kind of non-stop action. Not that there's anything wrong with that either, I just would rather watch something that made me stop and think.

Gankutsuou is Highly Recommended and Monster as well. intelligent, well written manga or anime, especially with the right pacing gives my brain a *****.

I thorougly reccomend both 'Gankutsuou' and 'Mushishi' as they are both amazing. 'Mushishi' is also great just to dip into and out of as most of the episodes are just stand-alone stories and the series does not have a great overall plot.

I was going to ask that...if your name was from Death Note. I love Death Note. I was planning on watching Gankutsuou as I heard good things about it. I just got into this kick of reading manga. I never can catch anime or get a hold of good ones lately. I lost track of my netflix...I haven't heard about Mushishi but I am interested now! : )

Nope, 'Death Note'.

cool :) i love animes. btw is your username from MAD?