Aren't mushrooms the best?  lol

Lots of people say; they hate the smell of mushrooms.  It doesn't do nothing to me.  :P

I love mushroom either saute with garlic or a creamy mushroom soups. 

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6 Responses Mar 31, 2011

Smile @ Marji.

Marji: I totally agree with you, Portabello mushrooms are awesome. I have tried it in spaghetti sauce a very long time ago. I remember enjoying it and I don't remember the taste of it, something I will have to do again. Thanks for the comment. :)

I believe you kimmy, yum yum. I will certainly check out the site. I also like cooking and looking at it, for sure I will want to try new recipes...Thanks babes...kisses.

Kimmy: I never had them stuffed and it sounds good too.

geekoftheweek: LOL...yup they are. :D

are we talkin normal or magic?either way they r good