I <3 Music

There are so many great wonderful things music contains. Something i have noticed is the fact that music makes life better in a way. No matter what, you always find a song that describes something. Music is a big pile of stories all around us. The lyrics, sometimes, are just so beautiful. If you have ever caught yourself crying during a song just because you truly understand the words being sung, then you truly understand the meaning of the song. There are numerous things music has explained. When you're in love, you listen to songs about love, and you think to yourself "everything the song is saying is completely true". Even when your sad, you listen to music. Ever noticed that in movies, there is always some type of music playing in the background or in some one's  head? Truly in my opinion, i think that this world would be depresing, dull, and smile-less without music.

13-15, F
Feb 7, 2010