Ok, a Double Fisted Question.....

Ok, a double fisted question... I LOVE music and used to be a professional country singer (2 top 100 hits in Canada).... but unfortunately, Gin is not my thing!  I do like Rum and beer.... so if you're buying, I'm there! LOL!
Cheleanne Cheleanne
66-70, F
5 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Can't say I've had that Jack.... sounds like it might be good to try though!

Ever have rum and Barq's? fabulous drink! I'm a Black Russian fan myself.

I've had a Dr. Pepper - YUMMY!!! I can't remember what's in it though - next to Coke, Dr. Pepper is the best!

Haha... good one Sas... I like amaretto... on the rocks is nice - classy drink <br />
I like Molson Canadian - it's just what I drink ... Barcardi white with coke.... yum!!!

rum and beer in the same drink? I'll take a molson canadian with a shot of amaretto in it any day though.....