Yes I Love Music.  But I&...

Yes I love music.  But I'm sad to say gin?  What is that?  Sounds like something I would say at a party when all I have left in liquor is gin (because, face it, no one likes gin).  I've always been a music lover.  When I was little, I used to sing random songs I'd make out the window of my bedroom.  Why out the window, I'll never remember that logic, but it was special to me.  Music was my first medium of creativity.  In the history of the world, music existed before written word so it's only natural for people to be attracted to it.  Me especially.  I like any music that really means something to me.  I don't care what genre.  If it speaks to my emotional core or it says something to my soul then I adore it.
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Very astute tizanny! Gin is made from Juniper berries. Juniper trees look like pine.<br />
I have to say there is nothing quite like an extra dry martini.... extra dry meaning you just wave the bottle of vermoth over the gin and be careful not to bruse the gin!<br />
<br />
Wow I'm dateing myself! I like good gin. Running joke is my youngest should have been named Tanqueray. (that's a gin from London) I also have a great respect for gin... like Tequilla it can bite you on the butt before you know it.

I think it tastes like pine trees. I mean I guess if I were to put one in my mouth, but I've never done that before. Maybe one day I'll run into a gin I like but for now I like the dark liquors :D

Music is a language that most can understand but few can speak! And, YES! I really like gin! I've HATED it my whole life but, this summer I tried Seagram's gin. I really like it.