Opera Is Surprising

Check out El Divo.  Four gorgeous guys with great voices tour the world sharing their very special love for romantic music.

If you liked the FOUR TENORS, you may like these guys more!

And if you don't know their history, you will be surprised by the name of the person who put them together, none other than, "Cowel the Scowl" of the American Idol show.

They have been in business for about 4 years and topped the entire industry in sales.

Go GUYS! Bring back the joy of FEELING something other than booming, rapping, slapping, and crooning.

I can not figure how I thought that mere beat with lyrics, and a simple 3-5 note melody, could be music.

I have TASTED rich chocolate, cream and berries, and caramel custard music, and my poor little junk food music may have its place now and then.   Junk stuff is no longer my ONLY emotional musical nutrition, and my romantic nature is becoming healthily fed!


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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Chili bumps,<br />
<br />
How very exotic! Music can do that when it is B E A UUUU TII FUL! <br />
<br />

I've never been much for opera until just lately - and El Divo gave me chili bumps all over - they are beautiful and sooo young. And, good lookin' too. I loved it that the tenor had tears in his eyes after he finished the song. He was really into it. I sent the you tube video to my friend who is sick and loves opera. That outta get him well. Moxie