Living Life to the Fullest

I attend as many music festivals as possible throughout the year, all over the country. In '08 I was only able to make it to Memphis in May, Bonnaroo, Bayfest and the Sasquatch Festival, of the majors - and a few minor ones thrown in, of course.   

It's amazing, the people that are drawn together by love of music -  camping, playing and bonding for a few days at a time, just for the chance to follow a favorite act, live out that obsession, that joy, or have a new memory along the way...

I'd love to hear others' stories from these experiences!

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1 Response Dec 19, 2008

For years in DC, the local alternative station WHFS did a huge music festival at RFK stadium, known as the 'HFStival'. At first it was a single day event, but later (after I moved away) it evolved into a multi-day event. I always enjoyed the single day events...there were two stages set up, one inside the stadium, the other out in the parking lot, with the band start times offset so that it was possible to see at least part of every band's set. <br />
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One of my favorite memories is from the HFStival in 1996. This was right at the peak of the alternative/neo-punk movement, and the band list was fantasic. Early on, around 1 PM, Lush played on the main stage...I was down in the mosh pit during their set, having a great time. Later on, around 8 PM, Garbage was on the main stage, and I decided I just had to get myself into the pit for that set as well. Finally, when I got down in there, in the crush of people, close enough to see Shirley Manson up close...I discovered that 3 or 4 bodies over, practically right next to me, were all the members of Lush - they were huge Garbage fans as well!<br />
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I have many great stories from these shows...I'll have to share more of them later. Thanks for making me think of those great days again!