The Hfstival

During the height of the alternative music movement in the 90's, Baltimore/DC radio station WHFS 99.1 would annually hold a huge multi-band festival at RFK stadium, usually around May.  I attended each of these from 1994 until 1998, when I moved away from the area.  Getting tickets wasn't easy; even with a 4-ticket limit, 60,000+ seats would sell out in under 2 hours usually. 

Some of the best live musical performances I ever witnessed occurred at these festivals, as well as some of the more infamous moments in live music.   Some of my favorite memories fo this festival are:

  • Courtney Love stage-diving into what she assumed would be an adoring crowd not long after Kurt Cobain's suicide, only to have the crowd part like the Red Sea did for Moses, allowing her to fall flat on the decking laid over the natural grass field, after which they attacked her with fists and boots like she was Satan himself. 
  • Jewel getting hit in the chest by a frisbee in the middle of a song.  She pulled the plug on her guitar, said "I'm done", and walked off stage without any further explanation.
  • Gwen Stefani climbing the framework of the light towers surrounding the stage, while continuing to sing "Just a Girl"!!!
  • Dancing, along with thousands of other 20- and 30-somethings, to swing music in the heat of the afternoon during the Squirrel Nut Zipper's performance on the second stage.
  • Jamming in the mosh pit with members of the band Lush, during the Garbage set on the main stage.

Ahh the memories..and those are just the musical ones!

Anyone else remember these shows? 

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This is a very old post but I remember the HFStivals!!! I went to the very first one in 1989(?) at Lake Fairfax in VA..... It was free. Lol 😀

I think Gwen Stefani is soooo hot.<br />
She is the real deal.