Music Makes Life Worth Living

without it I'm quite sure I'd be dead by now.....friends & relationships & situations come & go & change but music is always there...."undemanding contact in your head" (spirit of radio by Rush).."I put on some music to start my day...lost myself in this song" (more than a feeling by Boston)
the only time I was unable to feel music was when I was going through drug withdrawal from heroin...but still after that all the music was waiting for me....(unlike a lot of things/ppl in my life who'd moved on or who I couldn't be with/have)....
so much music & enough to encompass every human emotion or circumstance....from spiritual epithanies & communing in, for example, classical music; to the basest feelings... to little poppy love songs......
there's a song/piece of music to fit everything imaginable.....& someone else wrote it.....someone else gets it.....they might not have had the same feeling or experience as you but they get the general ambiance of it.....& so do thousands of some way or's a universal connecting
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

I understand this all too well mate. Music can be a constant companion, providing little bits of light in the darkness that can be life.