can write a good song but i guess its how you look at it i know the singer bring it to us in its form but dont sometimes you could take it and make it your own because you dont feel the connection but the words mean well or they saying everything you want to tell someone but no matter if someone else is saying it you still dont have the balls to tell them i guess that what those late night d.j's are for??!!
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listen to this....check out some more songs while you're there. I think you'll like it. IF you do hit MIX ITand tell all your friends to go listen.

You know the song that hurts me to hear? Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton. Every time I hear it I see him crying while singing it, knowing he's reliving the death of his little boy! I guess having a little boy, and trying to picture myself facing what HE did is what really "hurts".